Start your server using the /join command.

For example, if your server's name is factions you would enter /join factions

If your server stops loading after the "loading plugins" message is sent, you must use the /reset-all command from the lobby to reset your server's data.

Our storage infastructure is still in early development. Unfortunately, this means that some servers may lose data due to our systems crashing. The last reported incident of this happening was on January 14th.

  1. Join your server and enter the /minehut command. This will open up the GUI control panel.
  2. Click on the "Properties" button (located in the top right corner of the menu).
  3. Click the "level-type" button (located top right of menu) until it's highlighted on "flat".
  4. Type /stop
  5. From the lobby, type /reset-world
  6. Join your server. The world should now be in flat mode.

If your server is having issues with the /reset-world or /reset-all commands, follow these steps:

  1. Stop your server if it is running. This can be done by typing /stop inside your server or /shutdown from the lobby.
  2. Wait at least 5 minutes. This part is crucial, you must wait for the save task to finish after you stopped your server, or else it will overwrite your server causing the reset to fail.
  3. Type your desired reset action - /reset-world or /reset-all
  4. Join the server.

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