General Rules

Don't be a jerk.

This includes, but is not limited to: bigotry, hate speech & racism.

No spamming.

No spamming of any kind, anywhere.

No advertising.

You are not allowed to advertise other Minecraft servers on any of Minehut's services. Your Minehut servers are exempt from this. Please only advertise your Minehut server in the Server Showcase forum, or in the #servers channel on Discord.

Remain PG.

Keep everything PG rated. We are a family friendly server and want to foster a friendly atmosphere & community.

Follow the EULA.

As a Minehut server owner, your responsibilities include adhering to the Minecraft EULA.

Be nice, use common sense & have fun!

At the end of the day, we just want everyone to enjoy playing on Minehut. Please consider how your actions may affect others.

Forum Rules

Adhere to General Rules.

The General Rules listed above also applies to the Forums.

Clearly title posts.

Post titles should be an accurate representation of your post content.

No farewell posts.

We are already sad that you are leaving, no need to rub it in!

Keep discussions organized.

Don't start a new thread for an existing discussion. All "hot topics" should remain in the original thread.

Discord Rules

Adhere to General Rules.

The General Rules listed above also applies to the Discord Server.

Use your Minecraft username.

Your discord username must match (or be a slight derivative) of your primary Minecraft username. You are able to adjust your name using the /nick command in discord.

Stay on-topic.

Adhere to the designated topics for each channel. Anything unrelated belongs in #random.

Don't abuse staff tags.

Do not tag staff members without urgent reason.

A Friendly Reminder

Staff members are here to enforce rules in order to help create a positive atmosphere for everyone. You, as a player, are expected to know and follow these rules. If you break the rules, a punishment will be given accordingly. When you play on the server, use the forums, or chat on discord, you acknowledge these rules and agree to our Terms of Service