Hey everyone! We added a couple new features today for you!

Want to stop certain people from private messaging you? This will do the trick!

Network Settings
The settings system is finally back! Enable lobby join/leave messages for donors, all players, or no players, enable/disable messaging, etc. More settings and options will be added soon with the re-addition of Friends!

Plugin Changes
  • RedProtect and all the anti-cheat plugins no longer count against your max plugins
  • RedProtect has been updated to the latest version and now loads properly

More is coming, so watch out for that. Until then, enjoy!

When Gamer got added to Lucas' ignored list:


Sounds amazing, keep up the good work!

Finally you're listening to the community.
NEXT UP: /dl world

i feel bad for Gamer being blocked by Lucas (which means he blocked himself)

rest in piece

ignoring yourself

Since people can just ignore me, can I get un-muted now?

Nevermind, it's just for private messages.

global chat exists too...

Next Up: WorldGuard fix, Old style sidebar, Settings in hotbar, Friends fix, Parties fix

I'll finally be happy

 o w8, mh nevr lissin to uz awl day wunt iz ow monee

I want /friend and /party lucas when will it happen? ja                                                                                                                                                                                                    lol                                                        lel

Don't worry it'll come soon ;)

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