It's time to build a new lobby! Minehut is looking to the community for its next official main lobby. 

Theme: Floating Island! You are required to implement a map image board like the existing lobby. We also heavily encourage including our new logo somewhere in the build (pixel art in the sky).

Contest Rules
  1. Maximum team of four.
  2. Submit your builds in replies to this post. Please embed screenshots into your reply correctly. 
  3. Don't include player heads or signs. 
  4. Original content only. Do not download public resources.
The winning team will all receive the exclusive Builder prefix while the build is used in the lobby. The winner will be picked Tuesday (8/15).

EDIT: I'l extend the competition until the end of today. All submissions must be posted by 11:59PM PST. Winner will be picked tomorrow (8/16).

i am first and i will obv win

When is the due date?



also can someone help me or can i help someone

me Ceppy and Whnd have started, if someone else wants to join just reply


Glayzed i'll help i guess

Ceppy left, so we need 1 more, post a pic of builds


I got some dope builders, u all lose hehe xD

best of luck to all.


Build comp will end in 1 Week or over the weekend!

Cant wait to see the results! Good luck everyone!

Glayzed, could I help?

I don't have access to any pics right now, but you can ask me to build a test thing or something to test me.

Glazed Could I join the team? I would like to help out on building


 I would like to build a hub. Reply if you want to help. Msg me in game to join. EDIT: Preferably a terrain sculptor/builder.

Pix3lated_ Could I join your team?

3asel won already lolz

That's pretty rude UnLuckyL ;o

Build Team: _iGalaxy, Yacles, UprisingCheese, and ImNotNoah
Theme: Ice Spikes/Taiga Floating Island
Server Name (Could not download world, hosted on my alt account _iGalaxyCam): TeamGalactic

1 Online Users