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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by drtshock, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. drtshock

    drtshock Founder Retired Staff

    What the hell happened
    Today we experienced a very bad hard drive failure on our main dedicated server. Since this machine is the one that hosts all databases, the website, the hub and factions we were not able to put the server up in the mean time. We were constantly lead to believe that the problem would be solved "as quickly as possible" and that it wouldn't be worth setting up our hub on another server to allow you guys to play our other servers.

    What we tried to do about it
    After 3 phone calls and 18 emails back and forth between OVH we finally got things worked out. We were able to boot the server in rescue mode and salvage all the data. Just as we were about to spend hundreds of dollars on entirely new servers and set things up elsewhere, OVH contacted us and got things handled. We have been working on restoring things and getting servers back up exactly as they were.

    Where we're at now
    Currently all game servers, creative, and the hub are up (FTB never went down because it doesn't rely on the network). We are working on restoring factions and also doing some other maintenance on it and we expect it to be up within the next few hours. We figured it's a great time to do some work on it since this is a low traffic time of the night anyway.

    My apologies
    We sincerely apologize for the downtime and any troubles it caused you. Just picture me, @hawkfalcon and @turt2live pulling our hair all day and me on the phone with some asian dude that barely speaks English working for a Canadian hosting company all day and hopefully that brings a little peace of mind :)

    New host
    Because of this issue and how our host dealt with it, we will be switching to a new one after this billing cycle (they don't allow even partial refunds). We have already contacted them about deploying the servers and they are happy to work with us. We will be purchasing all new servers with superior hardware and a faster connection. They will be hosted in New York so that should give very low latency to people on both sides of the pond.

    Because of this downtime and how sorry we are that we haven't provided a top notch service to you guys over the last 14 hours I have put up a coupon for 50% off that is good for 10 uses. The coupon is ovhsucks. It will expire as soon as it is used 10 times globally.

    To those people that said we were shutting down or going under: that is not and will not be true. We are here to provide a fun community for you guys to play and be a part of while we have fun managing it. I have made too many friends here to ever want to stop doing this. We are not going anywhere.
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  2. hawkfalcon

    hawkfalcon Retired Staff

    Minecraft account: Hawkfalcon
    Thanks for your patience guys <3
  3. Tristan

    Tristan Newbie

    Minecraft account: tristanttaylor
    Thanks for dealing with all that for our enjoyment guys :) <3
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  4. Nick

    Nick Retired Swag Master Retired Staff

    Minecraft account: KyleParks
    Good to hear we got everything back and running :)
  5. WatchersWorks

    WatchersWorks Newbie

    thanks for your effort i have just started playing here and it seems like a great server, thanks for your work on it.
    went to store and came bake and cant get in now i know why
  6. FlamingPaw

    FlamingPaw Administrator

    Minecraft account: FlamingPaw
    Are you using 1.7.2?
  7. WatchersWorks

    WatchersWorks Newbie

    no 1.5.2 i think ftb 1.1.4
  8. FlamingPaw

    FlamingPaw Administrator

    Minecraft account: FlamingPaw
    When you say you can not connect, you need to say what server you are having issues with. FTB was down last night but is online now.

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